Nathan Gostling
Position – Club Manager

About me: My Name is Nathan and I am the Owner and Club Manager of NR Health & Fitness Club. I Have been in leisure for over 11 years working and managing in many leisure clubs and Centers in the County. With my experience in this area I have decided its time to run and manage my own facility in this fantastic town of Wymondham. I pride myself and my team on delivering quality customer service and cleanliness around the club with great value for money with these amazing facilities. I am a customer focused manager so all your feedback is welcome which will help us plan our future investments and give our members what they are looking for in their facility. You will see me around the facility delivering Classes, Inductions and Personal Training so feel free to come and say HI.


Primrose  Rushen
Position – Personal Trainer & Class instructor


I have been in the industry for 4 years now, adventuring into all different regions of fitness from playing cricket to weightlifting and Calisthenics.

“For me one of my main goals in the industry is to show men and women a fun and innovative way to train/achieve targets. As I am a great believer there is a form of exercise for everyone to enjoy and get results from”

You will all be seeing me delivering some of the Classes through the week so please come and enjoy one of my classes soon. 

I also offer Personal Training at NR Health & Fitness Club, this can be 1-1 or small group training if you prefer to train with a friend or family member. Please grab me if you have any questions regarding personal training and cost and i will gladly give you all the details you require. 

Well i hope to see you very soon down at the gym and be sure to say hello…  




Colin Willett
Position – Personal Trainer & Class instructor

About me: Although “Over Sixty”, I like to practice what I preach and I am a very enthusiastic trainer in the gym. I love training clients and passing on all the knowledge I have to achieving their goals and targets. My expertise has to be training the older client and pushing them to their individual goals which may just to be able to walk for 10 minutes or improve there daily life tasks. I am also able to adapt my approach for all levels of training from Marathon running to weightlifting competitions. If you are interested, come and have a chat and I will be happy to help you.



Terry Macintosh

Position – Personal Trainer & Class instructor

As you can probably tell, I’m not from around here. I hale all the way from Canada and Ireland, I bring with me a unique combination of friendliness and experience that I believe are crucial in connecting with members. My enthusiasm for helping clients and dedication to get the best results possible will see you working smarter and looking great in no time!

I was previously running my own Personal Training business out of Ennis and Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland. I have coached many of my own clients, which allowed them to reach their goals with the right motivation and direction.

I have been involved in sports since as young as I could remember. All starting with ice hockey at the age of six. The years rolled on and so did my love for fitness. Here’s a look, into my past & present experience:

· 10 years Ice-hockey (minor and junior level)

· 5 years of amateur Boxing

· Rugby

· Olympic Weight Lifting

‘My approach is simple…. No judgement! I believe that the right approach to changing your body and getting fit is finding a way to connect with the individual and their current struggles/difficulties with their lifestyle choices’.

Terry Macintosh;

TMC Performance



Tiernan Colman

Position – Apprentice

My name is Tiernan and I am the apprentice of NR Health and fitness club. I am currently taking my level 2 gym instructor course alongside my apprenticeship so I can start taking plenty of classes and gain as much knowledge in fitness as possible. I aim to always provide great customer service, keeping the gym nice and tidy and help out around the club in anyway I can. You will probably see me in the club very regularly, I look forward to meeting you soon. 






Gemma Lian
Position – Class Instructor 

Hi, I am Gemma and i am a Class instructor for NR health & Fitness Club. I teach a variety of  classes such as LBT (legs, bums & tums) Studio Pump & Fitness Yoga! So if you would like to keep fit and have some fun then i hope to see you soon in one of these fantastic classes!! All the fitness classes on offer are suitable to all fitness abilities and ages so there are no excuses. SEE YOU SOON… 








Position – Sports Massage Therapist @ CMT Muscle Health And Wellbeing

About me: I’m Courtenay, I’m a qualified Sports Massage Therapist now based inside the gym at NR Health and Fitness.

I have a passion for helping my clients get back to feeling confident about their body.  I enjoy being able to heal them and see them walk away happy that I have been able to ease the problems that they have been suffering with.
I offer treatments to help ease any pain and discomfort caused by fitness or general day to day life.
I will soon be offering acupuncture which will work as an addition to help rid the body of knots.
I trained in Sports Therapy over 10 years ago and have been massaging clients ever since.
Regular massages help prevent future injuries, help your muscles to recover quicker and help rid the body of lactic acid (which is the cause of many problems in the body).  There are many other health benefits of regular massages – get in touch with me today to book your next session!