Wymondham & Attleborough Class Timetables.



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Non Members Please Call Wymondham: 01953 60 66 65 or Attleborough: 01953 453049 to Book your classes. 

Classes Cost £6.50 per session.





  • Spin zone – Indoor cycling  for either 30 or 45 minutes. Climbing the hills to build strength or flat to build speed. This is taken in our studio with the Disco lights on and motivational music. Low Impact on the joints and a very good calorie burner.
  • Boot camp –  Boot Camps aim is to build strength and cardio levels in a military style, involving short intense rounds of exercise. This class will be delivered outside if the weather permits. 
  • Fitness Yoga – 1 hour of combined stretches and poses to help loosen out and de-stress the body. This class is designed for all abilities. 
  • Circuits – High intensity interval training with a variety of exercises included to give you a full body blast.
  • Studio Combat – A mixture of dance/ Mixed martial arts movements to music for a high calorie burn. This is non contact. 
  • Beginner Spin – A good starting base for anyone who would like to get into indoor cycling (Spin), learning about the different styles and techniques used in a spin class and start to build your fitness levels.  
  • Boxfit – Punch your way to fitness by using combination punches to pads.Upper body blast, low joint impact exercises and high fat burning  with some added lower body exercises. 
  • LBT – ( LEGS, BUMS & TUM) A mixture of high and low interval workouts to help tone and shape lower parts of the body. 
  • Core Blast – A full tummy MOT working on ABS, Core & Lower back. 
  • Studio Pump – Feel the Burn Barbell class involving a full body high rep work out to music. 
  • Kettlebells – Combining strength, cardiovascular, ballistic (fast lifting) and flexibility training into one session involving a weight


  • Tabata – High intensity interval training consisting of  eight rounds of exercise intervals at 20 seconds on followed by 10 seconds of off. This class is great for all levels as its generally a body-weight led class.


  • FBT – Full body toning class consisting of body weight exercises, kettlebells, barbells, core strengthening, box steps & power plyometrics to give your body the full make over that it deserves.


  • NR Dancefit-  Dancefit is one of our newest additions to NR Attleborough. Its a mixed dance class of all abilities which is choreographed and proving very popular 





WE ALSO HOLD BOOGIE BOUNCE CLASSES @ NR HEALTH & FITNESS CLUB, Please book and pay for your classes here> www.gymcatch-boogiebouncenorwich